Commercial photographer Cornwall

Commercial photography in Cornwall

Ben Mostyn is a professional commercial photographer in Cornwall, England. He also works as an editorial photographer Cornwall. He began freelancing after graduating from university, and has since built up a varied client list, including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, Departures Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Marks & Spencer, The Simple Things, Surface Magazine and The Sunday Times. Beginning his career at The London Press Association, he cut his teeth working in photojournalism, before taking on commercial assignments. Utilising digital and film photography, Ben’s understanding of the medium has led him to create work with critical acclaim from his clients and contemporaries. His analog photography work and research into colour theory has led him to be able to re-create that depth and fidelity in digital photography, which gives his work a unique character in a fast-evolving medium.

Commercial photographer Falmouth

As a professional commercial photographer Falmouth, Ben Mostyn has photographed a range of assignments focussed on portrait, food, travel and lifestyle photography. His portrait photography work shows a thoughtful, evocative approach to the subject, using colour and natural light techniques to reveal the character of the sitter. Shooting primarily on location, he works quickly and is able to make the most of the available light in order to gain the best results. His knowledge of the geography of Cornwall lends itself to finding interesting locations from which to shoot, offering a unique setting to create atmosphere and further define the person being photographed. He has a natural rapport with people, and puts the sitter at ease, which in turn ensures an honest and vibrant result in his photography work. Taking inspiration from the landscape, fine art and the work of 20th century American and Japanese photographers, Ben’s portrait photography is intended to use understatement so as not to overshadow the character of the individual. Some of his more recent portrait subjects include chef and TV personality Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, The Earl of Devon, and veteran BBC news reporter Jennie Bond. Ben’s portrait work has been featured in the look-books of fashion brands, he has photographed authors, artists, professional models and business leaders, and it has taken him around the UK and overseas. Making that human connection is key with high quality portrait photography Cornwall, and this is what Ben concentrates on above all else, gaining the trust of the subject to produce images that stand out.

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